"One opportunity will change everything"

Everyone including family and friends said he couldn't do it. They told him he will not be a professional DJ. It is 10 years later and the year  is 2015. MytyMyke has proved everyone wrong standing  strong with pride and a bigger vision for the future. He has the essential  components to make it happen hunger, passion, tenacity, creativity and a vision.

"He started off with a basic pair"

Mike was Born in Mountain View Ca on 1988. He is now 27 years old still living in  the Silicon Valley. Mikes DJ's full time with a focus in producing music.. He started with a basic pair of turn tables off of eBay. Soon after he ended up turning up the show with his first gig at a sweet sixteen gig. Mike found out at an early age what he wanted to do for the remainder of his life. He found his passion and purpose. Doing is the current passion, producing is the next step. 

"MytyMyke has a Vision"

With over a decade of DJ experience under his belt, MytyMyke has expanded his DJ repertoire  and has grown his personal brand beyond U.S. borders.. With his youthful energy and vigor, MytyMyke is known to turn up the club with a hard-hitting open-format style. In his first ever DJ battle competition at the Churchward Pub, judged by DJ Shortkut and Zhaldee, MytyMyke placed 3rd for the best battle-format performance and technique. In 2014, MytyMyke’s mix-submission to 99.7 NOW was selected as the first-place winner out of hundreds of mix-submissions for their “Electric Bounce House DJ contest”, allowing MytyMyke the opportunity to open for legendary DJs Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, and VICE.His strong performance on stage at the SAP center in San Jose, CA opened up the radio airwaves for MytyMyke, granting him the opportunity to be a featured on-air DJ for Party Rock Radio on 99.7 NOW. MytyMyke has since made numerous DJ edits for other industry DJs, which have been supported by the likes of Lil Jon, J. Espinosa (Wild 94.9 / Redbull Thre3style), DJ Felli Fel (Power 106 LA), DJ Spryte (Made Monster), DJ Chris Villa (Live 101.5 AZ / Phoenix Suns DJ). MytyMyke’s numerous edits can be found on various DJ record pools, such as Club Killers, DJ City, DMS, and Bpm Supreme. Catch him at your local club any given weekend!


Photographer: Ca.Affect

Musician: MytyMyke